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A New Game
The shower of well-wishes and champagne exploded all around Robin. The Gardevoir smiled, shook hands, and thanked those all about. It wasn’t easy leaving a company he’d been part of for close to two years, meeting a number of wonderful employees and customers—his current wife, for example.
Humming as he stepped aside for a moment to admire what’s left of his office, the little personalized touches moved out. The dust shadows wiped away and…it looked empty. Until he noticed just who was sitting in his old swivel chair.
“Ah, I didn’t think you’d come.” He chuckles, giving a faintly familiar face a second look. “You seem to have disappeared off the face of the region, and gotten tangled with the wrong sort of people?”
“Please.” Cherryl DeVille almost snorted, and tossed her rough-cut shaggy-pixie hair back. “Pencil skirts and one inch heels are so boring. It was all
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Mature content
Gone in a Moment :iconslayer-1412:Slayer-1412 2 1
High Tea Party 2016 RP Log
The hotel's ballroom boasted of 400 tables, when the banquet hall was used to its full extent. As it was, they had about a third of the space rented out for this 'high tea party'. Ten tables were dedicated to multiple bite sized flavours of cakes and mousses. Another table had an ice cream sundae bar. There were well over twenty different tea bags available and far too many teapots and tea cups for them.
The decor was that of a Winter's wonderland (not the dessert palace owned by La-Pokafe). And boasted of light blues and shades of light grey. Hardly any imperfections to be found. Like perfect snowflakes.
At each table, on top of the settings that pro-offered cutlery and plates to use for dining: there is an envelope. At each place, just before a chair. Inside these envelopes were conversation starters. Some with crude jokes, barely toeing the line for an affair such as this. Others had ice-breaker questions, such as asking for one's favourite colour. Their favourite pet. Or the bes
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Night's Whisper - Spades Application Stock by Slayer-1412 Night's Whisper - Spades Application Stock :iconslayer-1412:Slayer-1412 3 0 LP ~ Christmas Gifts '16 by Slayer-1412 LP ~ Christmas Gifts '16 :iconslayer-1412:Slayer-1412 1 9 Pre-Masq Ball Aphra and Robin by Slayer-1412 Pre-Masq Ball Aphra and Robin :iconslayer-1412:Slayer-1412 2 2
"Were your hands always like that?" She murmured, doing her best to not stare. Dry-looking, it was hardly surprising given the winter chill.
No: the problem was that those hands looked far too scale-like. As though a reptile's skin was being stretched on-top of those hands. Cracked, an angry pink, and more lines than she dared to count.
"Kinnah." Was the lisp always so pronounced? Then again, with a broken nose... "Alwayth been kinnah like'a dith."
It was at this point she took to stirring her coffee again. Not warm, not cool, kind of...'just-was'. Another apology for the nose, and another shake of the head.
And if they hadn't tried to jump-scare her, that wouldn't have happened. Spilled milk could still spoil, if it wasn't cleaned up.
If there was anything she would wish, it would be for the café they'd holed themselves up in to be bustling with noise. Clanking cutlery, glasses tinkling, heck, even music would be welcomed at this point. The homely coffee bistro was anything but,
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Disneyworld Doodles by Slayer-1412 Disneyworld Doodles :iconslayer-1412:Slayer-1412 4 4
Tail of a Mermaid
The market stalls were scarcely busy to-day. Lent was soon to end, and Voy found himself running a tired hand through his rugged locks (was it just him, or was he starting to thin? It must be his imagination really). No Lent, no fish to be bought—not when meatier fare can be enjoyed. Truly, he should have anticipated such a day to come, yet he found himself holding onto some miraculous hope that there would be something of interest to happen to-day.
“Papa, how about a story?”
"My boy, I am no traveling minstrel. I don't know any stories." But the wavering of wide eyes and the barest hint of a pout raged forth a sigh. "Well I may know one story, and just the one. C'mere my boy, and I'll tell you a tale...about a tail."
To emphasize his point, he gestured to one of the discarded fish tails hanging above. (Salted, and good for a week if he could just sell it.) Seeing that his small jest was discarded, he cleared his throat and began...

Now what you must und
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Hiatus Notice by Slayer-1412 Hiatus Notice :iconslayer-1412:Slayer-1412 1 7 MFC - Jul 16 by Slayer-1412 MFC - Jul 16 :iconslayer-1412:Slayer-1412 2 0 Furfrou Style by Slayer-1412 Furfrou Style :iconslayer-1412:Slayer-1412 4 0
Rong and Wight are Close
The night was cold, that’s where he began his plan of attack. His goal? The shiny rock being shown at the local museum.
It wasn’t going to be easy hauling something that weighed three times his size, but he had a knack for getting what he wanted. For however long he wanted. Good thing he could do that time-thing, and could control it. Sure it took the majority of his adulthood, but was it worth it? Yes.
How often could he temporarily own things until he got bored of them? It’s like buying and returning something to the store—without the buying and awkward exchange talk with the customer rep afterwards!
Oh and taking things that aren’t supposed to be bought, like this special 50 sided cut diamond or another. He wasn’t too big on the details, but he was sure someone else was going to have their eye on the pretty penny—rock—too.
Humming to himself, the Celebi licked his lips as he rubbed his gloved hands together. This w
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MFC - June 16 by Slayer-1412 MFC - June 16 :iconslayer-1412:Slayer-1412 6 6 NPC summer camp by Slayer-1412 NPC summer camp :iconslayer-1412:Slayer-1412 4 0
One day
One day.
I'll be able to look you in the eye, smile, and say the two-syllables that would transfer all the hurt and pain you've given me, into one word: "Goodbye".
But today is not that day.
So I'll smile and pretend that we're alright and that everything is sunshine and rainbows. I can love you with everything that I want to give and I can pretend that you return that love to me in full. I'm not lying to myself that way, if you care for me the way I do for you, am I?
Someday, I'll stop thinking of you.
Dreaming, wishing, reaching for, feel regret, hold tight against my heart. The cracks that you've left behind in me nothing more than sidewalk cracks, where the summer rains fill and in winter expand into ice and then melt again in spring. It will need to be filled, this is the way things go.
And maybe, I'll be able to fall in love again.
The wonderful feeling of being lighter than air, being warmed just by another's gaze, and knowing that the world may not be OK, but I can be--with
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Looking back in order to move forward // RP group things (more often than not)

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If I could have the energy that I possessed before starting university, I think I'd have a lot more accomplished. Or I would wish it to be so. It's hard to say.

It's odd what sort of words stick around in your head, specifically "motivational quotes". Something that I read off the office-wall of a financial advisor (officer?) from my campus:

Don't care about what others think about you: it's none of your business.

It tickles me an odd way. Considering how reputation and the matter of 'face' is deeply ingrained with my titular Catholic sin (and if not titular, then certainly a tie for first) Pride.

I find I am still angry at things, though the passion comes and goes. Wrath is such an ugly monster.

As usual, hoping everyone is doing well. It's better than hoping everyone is feeling their worst. Cheers.

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